Journal of Scientific Dentistry (P ISSN No : 2277 - 7687 ) (e-ISSN 2278 - 3865) Published by sri balaji vidyapeeth university for indira gandhi institute of Dental sciences,is a bi-annual journal with an aim to reinforce the scientific foundation of the art of Dental Sciences ,by providing a platform for sharing and diseminating high quality ,evidence based knowleadge among the clinician and the academicians of all branches of this fraternity.This peer-reviewed journal is listed/ indexed in Index Copernicus , Ulrich's International Periodical Library, open J gate, Chemical Abstracts and Google Scholar

Chairman Message


The first Dental college in India was started in 1924, in Calcutta, by Dr. R. Ahmed. This also was the first dental institute to be established in Asia. Thus Indian dentistry has the previlege to be the forerunner of Asian dentistry. Sri Balaji Vidhyapeeth always intended pedagogical plans for Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences since its inception in 2006, to keep up this unique previlege.This peer-reviewed journal is listed/ indexed in Index Copernicus and Ulrich's International Periodical Library

A teacher in a profession such as dentistry, that is fast evolving, without fail, should hone his/her research skills as well, to be abreast of latest evidences. Constant learning through research, enables him/ her to emerge as a resourceful teacher. Thus a teaching institute shall be considered incomplete without the component of scientific research. Publications and presentations of the facts emerging from a research assumes more and more credibility only when they are shared in scientific forums and journals.In this regard, I am glad and proud that Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, a juvenile institute is making a leap towards scientific wisdom, by releasing a bi-annual journal, called as Journal of Scientific Dentistry, from 2011. I am sure that the enterprising team behind this journal will advance not only the dental science to a higher level, but also the Institute to a higher pedestal in the dental arena, both nationally and internationally.

I wish the Journal of Scientific Dentistry all the very best in their journey towards excellence, not only through 2011, but also beyond and forever.

Thiru MK Rajagopalan
Sri Balaji Vidhyapeeth